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Kinston (252) Bred Women-Owned Brands to Check-Out (Part 1)

Leah Rogers | 30 March, 2021 | 1 Comment

            Kinston (252) Bred Women-Owned Brands to Check-Out (Part 1)


As we all know it's Women's History Month and before month's end, I wanted to take the time to highlight four women-owned businesses that I've personally had the pleasure of working with or supporting.

Spechel Wooten owner of Set Your Beauty Standard

Demetria Neal-Moore owner of Royally Slayed

Casual Foster owner of Casually Prepped Meals

Simone Pender owner of Pixie Beads by Tink

Running and operating a business single handedly is not for the weak! These women are not only business owners, but they also have Full-time careers and some are even mothers.

Another commonality between these women are that they are all from my hometown of Kinston, NC. It's amazing to see women that you've grown up with excelling in life, business and their careers. To be a part of their journey and watching them grow has been a great to experience. I'm excited to see what the future holds for them.

Read on to find out more about their businesses, why they started, what they offer and how you can find them. All social links will be listed under their stories. 

Set Your Beauty Standard by Spechel Wooten

"Beauty Blog and Positive Merchandise"

 Beauty: More than meets the eye. Beauty is skin deep!

Societal beauty standards weren't designed for Black women. It's up to us to create our own definitions of beauty and live them from the inside out. As a representation of the Black Woman and for Black Women, Spechel created Set Your Beauty Standard Blog. On her blog, she shares content ranging from everyday beauty routines and tips, motivating and transparent lifestyle material, and more importantly, providing women with a platform to share their own beauty story and how they are setting their beauty standard. 

Spechel is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who creates content for the Black woman.  She also shares more in-depth beauty and lifestyle content on her YouTube channel covering topics related to makeup, her DIY microlocs journey and her newly found love journey. 

If you are new to the make-up world and trying to figure out where to start, or if any of these topics interests you this is definitely the blog for you. I promise it's not you average beauty blog. I've even had the pleasure of sharing my own story as one of her redefining beauty segments (Beauty in Independency.)

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Royally Slayed by Demetria Neal

"Press On Nail Company and Positive Merchandise"

 Reflecting "Royalty" while "Slaying Confidently!

Born and raised in the church with a desire to reflect her spiritual background in business, Demetria created Royally Slayed. More than just a catchy name, Royally Slayed reflects the balance of being 'royalty' in the kingdom of God while 'slaying' confidently.On her site you can find high quality press on nails along with other meaningful apparel and merchandise. 

Also a licensed cosmetologist with over 6 years of professional experience in the beauty industry, Demetria uses other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to discuss beauty, motherhood and faith. 

If you're like me, since before COVID-19, I have yet to step into a nail salon to get my nails done. Press on nails have became my new obsession since quarantine. Not only are they affordable, but there are also a variety to choose from to include customization. If you're ever in the market for some quality nails, want to skip the salon and save some coins, you should definitely check out this brand.

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Pixie Beads by Tink - Simone Pender

"Waist Bead Company for the Entire Family"

Love the skin you're in!

Simone has a passion for motivating women to start their own health and fitness journey. On the search for different ways to make that journey more enjoyable, she created PixieBeads by Tink. PixieBeads by Tink is her personal version of the traditional African waist beads, with a purpose of helping women on their journey to weight gain or loss; to help women self reflect inside and out.

Pixiebeads offer a range of products varying from waist beads, waist chains, nose cuffs, rings, chokers, anklets, and more! Not only does she offer products for ladies, but she also has products for men and children. Most if not all of her products can be customized to your liking!

I used to wear waist beads but broke them awhile back. Recently I've received a few sets from this company and have yet to take them off. The waist beads are of great quality, hand crafted with a custom fit. Since I received my beads, I haven't taken them off. I work out with them, shower, sleep and more. If you are looking for quality waist beads for yourself or anyone in the family, look no further.

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Casually Prepped Meals by Casual Foster

"Meal Prep and Delivery Service Company"

A Meal that's Tasty yet Affordable!

After learning first hand how hectic life can be from working full time and being a single mother, Casual created a Meal Prep and Delivery Company, Casually Prepped Meals.  Their goal is to provide consumers with the tools they need to fulfill a healthy lifestyle by preparing properly portioned size meals with a balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats to suit their needs. 

All while eliminating the temptation of fast food and the stress of preparation due to a busy lifestyle from home or work, Casually Prepped offers you the opportunity to eat a healthy meal with no worries. Allow them to keep your mind at ease with every meal that’s tasty yet AFFORDABLE!

Specializing in Keto/low carb options, Casually Prepped vows to meet your health goals prepared with simplicity and relaxation. Overall, their goal is to help others achieve their nutritional goals with a new menu posted every week.

While I haven't had the opportunity of trying one of her meals, I've had the pleasure of working with her as she birthed this business and I know how passionate she is about what she does. Her meals are made with love and her reviews tell it all. Casually Prepped is located in Greensboro, NC and she does deliveries within a certain radius. If you ever feel the need to take some time away from cooking and eating out be sure to support this business. 

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